Meet the Breeds

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AKC Meet the Breeds New York 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018
New York, NY

Once again, we had a wonderful turn out of Club members and the public for our Meet the Breeds booth in New York City, one of the events which is part of the Westminster Kennel Club show weekend. The weather was surprisingly warm, and the AKC allotted a larger booth near the front of Pier 92, which gave us more room for man and beast. Thanks go to Nicky Conroy and Judy Laffey for their hard work to set-up and take down the booth décor, and for manning the booth all day with their Norwich ambassadors Breeze, Mr. Finn and Riley. Thanks also to Richard Giotta who joined us with Hugo, and to Dina Moore-Tzouris who provided some background props to make our “barn” more authentic. My dogs Ernie and Steffi joined in the fun

-Alyson Cleary
NTCA Meet the Breeds Chair

AKC Meet the Breeds Orlando 2017

We had a terrific turnout for the Meet The Breeds event in Orlando, FL, held in conjunction with the AKC National Championship Show, December 16-17th. Members Melanie Bryson and Cathy Rogers set up our booth on Thursday, and stayed late to take it all down on Sunday. Cathy, myself, member Kelly Wood and Norwich owner Carol Jeffrey brought our youngsters and oldsters to meet and greet the public, and member Ellen Lucas was there to help when the humans needed a break. Our fabulous Noragility team members Melanie Bryson, Ursula Walsh and Rainee Johnson stopped by with their dogs to join the fun, as did members Marie Cato and Suzanne Bennett. Kelly and Melanie took many wonderful photos, which illustrate how well our breed can do in this stressful yet fun event.

Thank you to all who came by and helped. It takes a village!

-Alyson Cleary
NTCA Meet the Breeds Chair

AKC Meet the Breeds New York 2017

Many thanks to the members and their dogs who volunteered at the Norwich terrier booth at Meet the Breeds,  Saturday, February 11, 2017. Meet the Breeds is part of AKC’s “Meet and Compete” weekend in conjunction with Westminster Kennel Club. Meet the Breeds gives the public a chance to meet purebred dogs and talk to their owners and breeders in person. The Norwich booth was awarded a Group 2 by the AKC . Thank you to Chair Alyson Cleary and members Nicky Conroy, Judy Laffey, Denis Johnson, Dina Moore-Tzouris, Betty McDonnell, Richard Giotta, Lori Pelletier, Paula Smith, and Joan Krantz (plus their dogs!) for all their help with this event.

AKC Meet the Breeds Orlando 2016

Many thanks to all who volunteered themselves and their dogs at the Norwich terrier booth at Meet the Breeds in Orlando, FL, December 17-18, 2016. Meet the Breeds is a terrific opportunity for the general public to get to know our wonderful breed and to ask questions of breeders and owners. We could not do it without NTCA member-volunteers. Thank you to:

Melanie Bryson with Tansey, Dinah Molly, and Ruby
Nicky Conroy with Mister Finn
Cathy Rogers with Rosie and Lolo
Joan and Don Krantz with Henry and Cricket
Nancy Lentz with Ted
Alyson Cleary (MTB Chair) with Beatrice

Special thanks to Michael Potterfield from the Clumber Spaniel Club of America for choosing the lucky winner of our Hutto Bronze raffle-Estelle Crawford!

The next Meet the Breeds event will be held in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club in New York, NY (Piers 92 & 94)
on February 11, 2017.