Showing Your First Norwich Terrier!

It’s not too soon to think about Spring dog shows!  Check out the new article with lots of tips for showing your first Norwich! Many thanks to NTCA members Elaine Jong for writing this content, and Nancy and Janos Fonyo for the lovely photographs. Enjoy!

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AKC Meet the Breeds Orlando 2016

Many thanks to all who volunteered themselves and their dogs at the Norwich terrier booth at Meet the Breeds in Orlando, FL, December 17-18th. Meet the Breeds is a terrific opportunity for the general public to get to know our wonderful breed and to ask questions [...]

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Hutto Raffle Winner Drawn!

WINNING RAFFLE TICKET just drawn at the AKC National Show in Orlando, FL for the limited edition Leslie Hutto bronze sculpture ... and the winner is Estelle Crawford!  Congrats Estelle & huge thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket.  ALL proceeds support our Upper Airway [...]

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NTCA Calendar Sale!

2017 NTCA Calendar SALE ! Buy 5 and get 1 FREE, while supplies last. Makes a great Christmas gift for your Norwich friends! Shop today at the Norwich Store.

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2017 Directory of Breeders & Stud Dogs

NTCA Members - A reminder that to be included in the 2017 Directory of Breeders & Stud Dogs, your completed form and check must be mailed to Ann Carlson by January 31, 2017. The form with full instructions can be found here: 2017 Directory of [...]

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NTUAS Study Enrollment Update

Dr. Bryden Stanley reports that the NTUAS study has reached enrollment targets in all age categories! The study is CLOSED to enrollment, however, there is a waiting list in case of cancellations. To join the waiting list, owners must complete the enrollment form.  Also, Norwich [...]

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NTCA Membership Renewal for 2017

A reminder to NTCA members that renewal forms and payments are due by January 1, 2017. The renewal form can be found in the "Members Only" section of this website under the Announcements and Club Forms tabs. Payment may be made by check or PayPal [...]

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November AKC Gazette Column

Check out the November 2016 issue of the AKC Gazette to read NTCA member and guest columnist, Dr. Elaine Jong’s column “Puppy Love”, also published here along with other articles for some Norwich Terrier winter reading.

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UPenn Study Site Billing Update

UPenn Study Site Billing Update: What You Should Expect to Pay The NTUAS site at UPenn has opened and Norwich are being seen.  There were some incorrect invoices initially, and Dr. Stanley has been working with UPenn to get the billing organized. Below is a sample invoice showing [...]

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